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When parents are selecting a child care center for their children, they need to know that the environment is nurturing, stimulating and safe with caring, qualified early childhood educators. When you walk into our child care centers, you will immediately know if it is the right center for your child. Our child care centers nurture confident, fun-loving and relaxed children in the care of our passionate staff.

The Limelight Childcare Center provides a wide variety of different programs to help children grow in body, mind and spirit.

The Limelight Childcare Center offers access to:

Great outdoor environments

Well-resourced indoor play areas

Nutritious home cooked food prepared by our own cooks

Early childhood is a special time when the seeds of future successes are planted. Research has shown that the growth and development of children during the first six years of life has a more profound influence on their learning, behaviour and health into adulthood than at any other developmental stage.

With this in mind, our learning and care programs are designed to nurture the development of your child in all areas through our Playing to Learn curriculum.

Playing to Learn

Building on research that shows play is the most effective way that children learn and gain new skills, our Playing to Learn program prepares children ages 0-12 for life-long achievement by nurturing their curiosity and development through an emphasis on play

Learning medium

Exciting playscapes are set up throughout the center to provide planned play activities based on your child’s interests. Play activities incorporate the foundations of language and literacy, movement, social and emotional skills, cognition, and creativity. Your child will actively explore and learn to become a self-motivated problem solver, developing an excitement for learning.

How is Limelight different from other child care centers?

Instead of bright, primary colours, Limelight creates a calm environment conducive to learning through the use of natural materials, and by providing plants for your child to care for. Instead of following a rigid schedule, your child will make their own choices based on their interests, and can join small groups facilitated by and educator throughout the center. Providing children these choices allows our play environments to be both calm and stimulating, which supports the development of self-regulation and learning.

How will I know how my child is doing

As a parent, it’s important to know how your child spends their days and how they are progressing. Unique to Playing to Learn is our “learning evidence” progress reports. We’ll share written reports regularly about the learning process your child experiences, either independently or as part of a group. These reports describe a play experience, plus the learning and development that this experience has enhanced.

As you read through these reports over time, you’ll see the amazing story of your child’s learning and development as they mature.

Annual Evaluations

Each child at Limelight will be evaluated annually in order to assess quality curriculum standards.

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